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Results Based Fitness is owned and operated by Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS.

Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS

Chris specialises in working one to one with his clients, ensuring they maximise their potential and achieve their goals.  He is an expert at getting the best from people, harnessing their personality type to achieve their ideal body composition.  His intuitive motivational techniques, wealth of experience & technical knowledge ensure that he guarantees results!

The main focus of Chris's education has been on exercise science, nutrition and psychological behaviour, training that has contributed greatly to lay the foundation stones of the work he does now.

Chris's technical qualifications are second to none, having originally gained a BSc (Hons) in Sport Science and Physiology from Leeds University in 1996, and becoming an accredited Assessor of Fitness Instructors three years later.  The high point of his career came when he achieved the world recognised and highly sought after CSCS (CERTIFIED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PROFESSIONAL) qualification from the NSCA (NATIONAL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING ASSOCIATION).

Chris has worked with people from all walks of life from housewives to top company executives, professional rugby players and football players.  He is able to enhance their performance by correcting their POSTURAL IMBALANCES, of which he has an in-depth technical understanding and practical knowledge.  This corrective programming technique is unique within the fitness industry.

So if you wish to achieve your ultimate body composition and ideal size, correcting your postural imbalances at the same time, then Chris is the trainer for you.

Chris has run several successful weight management programmes for large fitness organisations and has been specialising in one to one personal training and lifestyle coaching since 2002.  Having played and lived rugby all his life, Chris represented Gloucestershire at U-18, played professional rugby for Leeds Tykes and last year appeared for Gloucestershire at senior level.  Chris now plays competitively in the front row for Cheltenham North, this year narrowly missing out on his 3rd appearance in a Twickenham Final.

Contact Chris:
07887 521842
email chris@resultsbasedfitness.co.uk


Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS
07887 521842
email chris@resultsbasedfitness.co.uk