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Results from Initial Postural Assessment:


Body observations:

Medium Build
Right handed
Right footed
Ecto/mesomorph (Slim/Muscular build)

Inverted on feet (Feet caving inwards)
Elevation of pelvis (left side)
Rotation through ride side of pelvis
Elevation of left shoulder
Shoulders protracted (protruding forwards)
Emphasised arch of upper & lower back

To correct all the imbalances that our client previously had, we conducted a thorough postural correction programme. This programme consisted of very technical and specific functional movements. Our client had a fair few imbalances throughout the kinetic chain of the body, the most important of the imbalances to correct were the protraction of the shoulders and the elevation/rotation through the pelvis. Both of these imperfections were causing major problems with his back and general movement.

As a result of the initial postural assessment that we conducted, it was apparent that his core strength was pretty weak and his flexibility was limited, especially through his lower back, shoulders and hamstrings. To enhance these areas, before and after every workout, we conducted intense PNF stretches to increase the movement and flexibility of the tightest muscle groups. The more flexible an individual can be, the less likely of picking up injuries and also speed-up rehabilitation of an old injury.

This particular client has conducted 4 phases of training with us (16 weeks). Each phase is progressively harder but performed under strict control, speed and with perfect technique. As the body adapts to a certain movement, enhancements can be made with regard to load, sets, repetitions and speed at which the exercise is performed. 

The main benefits of using a functional training programme to correct postural imbalances and weaknesses are:

Correct technique (Essential)
Tempo (speed) of the movement
Precise load (weight) being used
Control of the body (core) and relevant muscle groups
A dramatic increase in flexibility (movement around a joint) and CORE strength (activation of abdominal muscles)

Using this specific and uique programme, the individual is guaranteed to gain great results due to every human body being different. No one programme is ever the same.

This client has reaped the rewards from all his hard work and effort, you can too.

To book a Postural Alignment Assessment - contact:

Chris - chris@resultsbasedfitness.co.uk (07887 521842)