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10 Habits Of Achieving Desired Energy And Body Composition

  1. Eat every 2-3hours, no matter what. You should eat between 5-7 meals per day.
  2. Eat, lean protein containing all the essential amino acids with each meal. E.g. fish, chicken, steak, eggs/egg whites
  3. Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each food meal.
  4. Ensure that your carbohydrate intake comes from fruits and vegetables. Except possible pre workout and -workout drinks and post work out meals.
  5. Ensure that 30-35% of your energy intake comes from fat, with your fat intake split equally between saturates (e.g. animal fat), monounsaturated (e.g. olive oil), and polyunsaturated (e.g. flax oil, salmon oil).
  6. Drink only very low calorie, non toxic, drinks, the best choices being water and green tea, Hot water, cold water with a slice of lemon/lime
  7. Limit toxins in meat and in fruit and vegetables eat Registered Organic, where ever possible, Use your local produce where ever possible (farm shops find out what your eating and where it comes from)
  8. We are 70% water so drink it! 1.5-3+ litres a day dependent on exercise demands external temperature and how much you individually sweat during your exercise!
  9. If you are going to eat fruit with a meal, always choose low glycemic fruit and eat it before your meal, not after it. This will a) prevent fermentation and subsequent loss of valuable vitamins and minerals and b) slow down digestion, giving a slower, steadier release of energy into your bloodstream leaving you feeling full for longer
  10. Choose lower glycemic fruit and veg where ever possible remembering cooking process other food stuffs can alter the rate of digestion! Except after exercise (within 1 hour when high glycemic fruits are preferable)

What about calories, ratios, protein, fat, carbohydrates? The immediate answer is that unless you are using the above 10 habits. Most of the time, then the breakdown of food stuffs is elementary! Moreover, many people can achieve the health and the body composition they desire using these 10 habits alone.

The information on this page covers BASIC dietary
guidelines only.  If you have any queries or would
like to discuss this subject in more detail, contact
Chris via email at