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Chris Long Rugby Coach

Along with my family, Rugby consumes my life, it is my passion and has been my main sporting focus for 35 years. I was gifted as a player and achieved a lot, but feel my greatest talent is as a coach. Old school in mentality, new school in knowledge and understanding of the game. I combine two areas of knowledge to become the complete package as a coach. My full time job as a strength and conditioning specialist and rugby coaching, ability, qualifications and common sense approach to what I do.

This summer I am running a rugby coaching school with 3 sessions a week, and I also offer personalised rugby coaching throughout the year.

Rugby Coaching School

Three coaching sessions this summer, for children 11 - 16 (download poster)

Sessions at Reach Fitness Gym, Sandford Park Lido site, Cheltenham (1hr. long):

  • Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm
  • Sundays at 9am

An education in:

  • Lifting techniques
  • Posture for power
  • Psychology of sport
  • Injury prevention
  • Speed agility and power
  • Core stability
  • Awareness and decision-making
  • Mental toughness
  • Ball skills


  • 1 session per week = 5
  • 2 sessions per week = 8
  • 3 sessions per week = 10

Personalised Rugby Coaching

Although I have an in depth all round understanding of the game of Rugby Union, I specialise in the following

  • Personal Development position specific
    (Bespoke Strength and Conditioning, Psychological and specific skill development)
  • The Scrummage
  • The Lineout
  • Rucking
  • Mauling/Driving
  • Mental Attitude
  • Team Development
  • Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning (Rugby union position specific)

In short I am a highly driven individual who prides himself on improving individuals to become an intregral part of a team that has a professional attitude on the field of play, on the training paddock and in the gym. If you pick me to coach yourself, team or son you will be extremely happy with your choice of coach.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • Team or small group (6 or more) Coaching Sessions 90 minutes = 50
  • One to One to two/three Coaching 60 minutes = 40

We are fully trained to assess your posture alignment and muscular imbalance and will devise a personalised, corrective programme just for you

Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS
07887 521842
email chris@resultsbasedfitness.co.uk