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"My body composition has changed, with an overall inch loss of 36 inches - much of this reduction resulting from the dietary advice and training programme that Chris worked out for me.  Based on my own personal experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Long as a personal trainer; someone who gives sound practical advice on eating healthily, and who sets realistic, achievable targets in a workout programme. He is also a great motivator."
Sheila Hoiles, housewife

"Although sceptical at first, training with Chris is the best personal decision I have ever made.  I've lost inches, I have more energy, vitality and general lust for life.  Thank you Chris!"
Jonathan Labrum, company director

"I have been training with Chris for 12 months, and the difference in my fitness levels has been dramatic. I have found that since I started training, my mind is much sharper and my overall feeling of wellbeing has improved dramatically. My body shape has changed for the better.
If you are thinking about taking on Chris as a personal trainer, I would definitely not hesitate to recommend him. Training with Chris is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Jenny Sharpe, management consultant

"I knew almost immediately that we could work together, and sure enough after six weeks, seeing Chris just once a week, I'd started to change my attitude to both food and exercise. I could see a steady reduction in weight but, more importantly, an even more impressive reduction in inches. I didn't feel like I was on a diet - I'd simply adjusted to a healthier way of eating.
Within three months, the weight/inch loss was still going strong, I was much fitter than I'd ever been before and I'd discovered previously hidden reserves of energy. Instead of succumbing to every cough, cold and flu bug doing the rounds at work, I was actually fighting back and taking less time off to boot!
Friends tell me I've regained my curves and my 'sparkle'. My confidence is sky-high, my career has really taken off and I've re-discovered two priceless and elusive character traits that I thought were lost forever... my self respect and my sense of fun!"

Judi Knight, IT consultant


Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS
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