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Core Training

While a strong core is vitally important, a healthy, well functioning core is the main ingredient to success.  If you have tight and weak muscles, muscular compensations and altered movement patterns, this will only serve to undermine your core training unless it is corrected quickly.

It is very important that you gain an extensive evaluation and screening process to be able to identify areas of weakness and concern. These identified problems can be improved through an individualised warm-up, strength and core training program.

When training the core:

  • Always train with good posture
    A good, solid posture allows for optimal alignment
    of all segments of the kinetic chain.  If one segment is out of alignment, the body will compensate somewhere along the kinetic chain, increasing the risk of injury and decreased efficiency of movement.
  • Get out of the saggital plane
    Bicep curls, forward lunges and dumbell p
    ullovers are all performed in the saggital plane of movement. These exercises are great for increasing strength in the muscle, but greater results can be achieved by training in planes that cause the spine to rotate or bend. Movements in diagonal patterns are very effective due to the lengthening effect they have on the hip rotators. They are also a lot more 'sports specific'.
  • Identify and correct muscular imbalances
    Isolated stretching and dynamic
    warm-ups can be effective in improving tightness and compensation in the muscles.  Core training is a key component of sports performance. As we understand its function and improve on the way in which we train it, we will gain immense benefits.

From improving athletic performance to decreasing the risk of injury, the importance of the 'core' is second to-none.

We are fully trained to assess your posture alignment and muscular imbalance and will devise a personalised, corrective programme just for you

Chris Long BSc (Hons) CSCS
07887 521842
email chris@resultsbasedfitness.co.uk